Previous Conductors

Over the past few years Kingdom has worked very successfully at a variety of events with various professional conductors, including Thomas Wyss, Alan Morrison, David Hirst, Ray Farr, Graham O'Connor and James Gourlay. The Belgian conductors, Frans Violet and Luc Vertommen, conducted Kingdom at the 2012 and 2013 Scottish Championships.

The band have also employed several local conductors to act as Musical Director since 1999, including Bruce Fraser, Gavin Lindsay, Simon Kerwin, Iain Davey, Craig Anderson, Andrew Duncan and Bede Williams.

From left to right:
Gavin Lindsay conducting Kingdom at the National Finals in the Royal Albert Hall, 2000
Craig Anderson with the Spring Festival Senior Trophy after the awards ceremony, 2006
Andrew Duncan conducting Kingdom at the European Championships in Montreux, 2011